A few useful and interesting writing-related blog posts and articles I discovered during November. Enjoy!

Photo sourced from www.positivewriter.com
Photo sourced from http://www.positivewriter.com
1. The 3 Essentials That Determine Your Writing Success by Marcy McKay at Positive Writer.com 

2. 39 Great Books on Writing by Bryan Hutchinson at Positive Writer.com

3. A Writer’a Cheatsheet to Plot and Structure by Matt Herron at The Write Practice.com

4. Unusual Work Habits of Great Writers by Shari Stauch at Where Writers Win  

5. 15 Ways to Write A Novel by Max Barry at Aerogramme Writers’ Studio 

6. Twitterific Writing Links by Elizabeth S. Craig at Elizabeth Spann Craig.com

7. Timecraft – Squeezing the Most Out of Your Writing Schedule by Tristan Gregory at Mythic Scribes 

8. Forget Heroes: Why Heroines Are Important by Tomás Peñalver and Martha Conway on Writer Unboxed

Found any great books or articles on writing lately? : )