Some of my favourite writing-related posts from December and January…

1. The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2015 by Carrie Smith at The Write Life 

2 Your Scene Needs A Problem by Ken Hughes at Janice Hardy’s Fiction University

3. Polish Your Prose – An Editorial Cheat Sheet by Nephele Tempest at Aerogramme Writers’ Studio 

4. 10 Helpful Writing Blogs for Every Type of Writer by R.K Grow at R.K Grow 

5. Working Class Costume of 17th Century Women by Jeff and Caroline at Jeff & Caroline’s Pages of 17th Century Stuff
(I usually use books when I study up on period clothing, but I found this post useful.)

6. The Monster in Every Writer’s Head by Bryan Hutchinson at Positive Writer
(I was recently named one of twelve winners of the 2014/2015 Australian Society of Authors’ Emerging Writers and Illustrators Mentorship Program for my novel-in-progress, Gyngerbrede. It was the first time I had submitted my work into a competition and, therefore, the first time my writing had ever won anything. It was a spectacular feeling.Things got even better when I found out that my chosen mentor, Kate Forysth, wanted to work with me. (If you’ve read any of my previous posts you will know that Kate is one of my favourite authors, writing teachers and people.) Everything was, as they say, awesome. Until fear and doubt kicked in. I won’t bore you with the details of what went through my head, but suffice it to say that posts like this one can be very, very reassuring.)

7. What Your Favourite Books Tell You About Your Writing by Marcy McKay at The Write Practice 

8. How To Make Time to Write a Book: Kate Forsyth Shares her Secrets by Natasha Lester at Natasha Lester
   (Told you.)

9. Creating Engaging Dialogue by Using Subtext by C.S Lakin at Live, Write, Thrive

10. A Social Media Etiquette Guide You Might Find Useful  by Jennifer Landry at Problogger
(I really do love a good infographic.)

11. OK, so not really writing-related, but the librarian in me couldn’t go past this post about an overdue copy of Gone With the Wind that was finally returned – sixty five years later.

12. Disney’s Cinderella Movie Trailer at SurLaLune Fairy Tales
(Also not really about writing. But did you see those costumes? Those SHOES? Cate Blanchett as Step-Mother-Dear? AND Robb Stark as Prince Charming? Definitely warrants a mention!)