Writers like notebooks. In fact, they really, really like notebooks. Some writers can’t pass a stationary shop without buying one. Others keep every notebook they’ve ever filled, shelving them in careful order, a record of their lives. In truth, I’ve yet to come across a writer who doesn’t appreciate a finely crafted book of notage, and I am no exception.  The feel of the cover, the scent of fresh paper, the endless possibility hidden in those beautiful blank lines…

No doubt you all have a favourite brand of notebook. (And if not, you’re probably searching for one.) If the latter is the case, then prick up your ears, friend. I’ve been using A Novel Journal notebooks for the past year or so and they never fail to add a little sparkle to my day. Why, you ask? Well, each notebook contains an entire novel- squished into lines of teeny, tiny print! So when you’re jotting down ideas for your work in progress, or blearily scribbling morning pages, or just whittling away at your thoughts, you’re writing between the lines of your favourite literary works.



So, have you tried one of these babies out? What did you think? Which do you have? Personally, I’ve got my eye on Pride & Prejudice, next