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Not a Book Review – Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie

I loved this book. So. Hard. Mr. Abercrombie is a wonderful writer - dark and witty - and I adore his flawed yet endearing characters, his grittiness, and his attention to detail. He also wields a verb like no one's... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about Emma Woods for a minute (although, we may have to visit another blog to do it.)

So last year Australian author Natasha Lester invited me to be part of her series of articles on emerging writers - and I didn't blog about it. Looking back now, it seems a strange (and, if I'm honest) somewhat stupid... Continue Reading →

Listening to Geraldine Brooks

I saw the wonderful Geraldine Brooks speak about her new novel The Secret Chord late last year as part of the Sydney Writers' Festival. She was everything I hoped she would be - intelligent, wise, humble and  warm. I took brief notes,... Continue Reading →

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