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Links for writers- November 2014

A few useful and interesting writing-related blog posts and articles I discovered during November. Enjoy! 1. The 3 Essentials That Determine Your Writing Success by Marcy McKay at Positive  2. 39 Great Books on Writing by Bryan Hutchinson at Positive... Continue Reading →

Not A Book Review – The Shadow Year by Hannah Richell

This is not a book review... but I really loved The Shadow Year by Hannah Richell. It's not the kind of book I would ordinarily read- it's not historical, it's not fantasy, and it's set in our modern world (something... Continue Reading →

Links for Writers (August, September, October 2014)

1. Words of Wisdom from Kim Wilkins and Kimberley Freeman at the Australian Writers' Centre Kim Wilkins (who also writes as Kimberley Freeman) is a new discovery for me. I had heard of her, of course, and  she was high on... Continue Reading →

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