A While in the Woods

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It’s all about the little things…

... like two beautiful Willie Wagtails nesting right outside our kitchen window, just next to our back verandah. The sound of their singing fills the house as we excitedly await the first clutch of new arrivals!


Empty nests & flying lessons

It's been three weeks since a pair of Willy Wagtails began nesting in our backyard. Yesterday two of the three hatchlings spread their wings and (rather gracelessly) left the nest. This morning the third chick did the same. Now all... Continue Reading →

Because three eggs are better than two…

Our little family of Willie Wagtails is blooming. We now have three eggs, and two very diligent parents. I have observed them driving magpies, kookaburras and other much larger birds away from our property. It's a bit like having two... Continue Reading →

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