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We are all lonely little readers at heart.

I'm reading Roald Dahl's Matilda to my sons at the moment, and it's the first time I've looked at it since I was a child myself. The book is, at its basic level, about loneliness. It's also about books. 'From... Continue Reading →


So this one time, I had dinner with Juliet Marillier AND Kate Forsyth – in a 17th century English manor house.

Most of my writer friends are going to break up with me after they read this, and I'll probably deserve it. Seriously, who gets to have dinner with not just one, but two, of their favourite authors, in England, on a... Continue Reading →

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate these notebooks.

Writers like notebooks. In fact, they really, really like notebooks. Some writers can't pass a stationary shop without buying one. Others keep every notebook they've ever filled, shelving them in careful order, a record of their lives. In truth, I've... Continue Reading →

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